A controversial application for a development of 13 houseboats on the river has gone before planners.

It involves identical houseboats moored at Willows Riverside Park, a residential mobile home park downstream from Windsor Marina, on moorings which have recently been cleared of 17 leisure boats.

The application has gone before Windsor and Maidenhead council for consideration.Comments have to be lodged with the council by August 25th.

Opponents say the development is detrimental to the area, narrows the river for boat traffic and could set a precedent for other parts of the Thames.

Objector Tais Oliveira said: [It will] also lead to safety issues for rowers, kayakers, paddlers, boats.Even though the number of houses has been reduced [fromn an original application], the issues remain the same: impact on Green Belt, overdevelopment between Windsor and Bray, setting of the Thames, safeguard of amenity, narrowing of the river, "

Helen Eveleigh West Windsor Residents' Association said: "At 14.5 metres in length, 4 metres high and set only one metre apart from each other they would have a ‘wall-like’ or ‘train carriage’ effect removing the openness of the river front, changing the character of the Windsor landscape and destroying the view from both inside and outside the park."

Among over 80 objections are those from the River Thames Society and Eton Excelsior Rowing Club.

Eton College, among other objections, says the river would be dangerous for around 100 of its rowers in 50 boats who use the stretch regularly. It says the seven metre-wide houseboats plus mooring space on the riverbank would pose a danger by narrowing the Thames at that point.

Park owners Haulfryn Group Ltd have yet to respond to requests for comment.

See details of the application HERE

Link to West Windsor Residents'Association website HERE

Story dated August 17th 2015




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