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Arrival of HMS Ocean

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Port of London 'Gatekeeper' patrols in action. Pic: PLA

The Olympic Security Plans on both the tidal and non-tidal Thames have come into force.

And 1,100 recreational vessels have registered for the PLA's voluntary identification scheme.

On the tidal river: The Metropolitan Police supported by other services including the Royal Navy and the UK Border Force have now imposed tight restrictions over boat movements along the river until September 16th. HMS Ocean, an integral part of the operation, is no stationed on the river.

As part of the security operation the Port of London Authority is operating a “gateway” role with patrols at Gravesend and near Richmond. Boats wanting to travel anywhere between these points will have to prove they have a confirmed permanent or temporary berth, or are travelling up or downstream without stopping in the security zone.

As part of the Olympic operation the authority launched a voluntary identification scheme under which boats can easily be identified. 1,100 vessels have registered for the scheme. Once registered, skippers receive a colour-coded marking to display on the boat showing they fall into one of the approved categories.

PLA harbour master Julian Parkes said: “This move is about navigational safety and to help boat owners enjoy the river with the minimum of hassle during the Olympics, when security on the river will be intense.”

Gareth Stephens, of Canal & River Trust, which operates West India and Millwall Docks, added: " For boaters this is an opportunity of a life time and we hope the registration scheme will ensure everyone has as safe and pleasurable an experience as possible.”

Anchoring upriver of Gravesend is not permitted and those arriving without a confirmed mooring and who subsequently are unable to secure a mooring within a day will be asked to leave the area for their own safety, and that of other recreational users and commercial traffic.
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On the non-tidal river: Restrictions are in place near Dorney Lake, venue for the rowing and kayaking events. Although the river is open to navigation, mooring has been banned between Boveney and Bray locks.

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An exclusion zone has been imposed along the northern side of the river marked by yellow bouys and the towpath was been closed. The river is subject to round-the-clock security surveillance.

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Story updated July 30th 2012




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