QE2 is bound for the Far East dashing hopes the liner could be brought to the Thames..

Earlier reports suggested that the former Cunard liner could be established on the river as a hotel and tourist atrtraction. A site near the Emirates Cable Car was cited as a possible berth.

But it has now been announced the ship will be taken to the Far East where, after renovation, she will become a floating hotel. The exact location has not been revealed but Singapore and Hong Komg are favourites.

Adam Coulter of Cruise Critic UK told MailOnline : "It's a great shame that such an iconic ship is not coming back to the UK as was hoped, however it's wonderful news that she will not be sold as scrap. A floating luxury hotel in the Far East is a fine way for her to see out her days."

River Thames News had revealed that exploratory talks were started with the Port of London Authority last year but were inconclusive and no further contact has been made since.

The reports about a possible return to the UK were prompted by the fact that the ship is lying at Dubai, unused since being taken to the Middle East. Plans announced at the time for renovation and upgrading have not materialised.

And one London-based maritime expert said it would have been an immense project to move the vessel to London and establish it as an attraction. Major dredging would have had to been undertaken to allow the 900 feet, 70,000 gross ton vessel to lie alongside.

Story updated January 18th 2013

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