Trustees of the Canal & River Trust have decided to limit boat licence fee increases for three years from 2014 to inflation only.

Their decision follows the third and final year of British Waterways’ planned licence prices which will see licence fees rise from 1 April 2013 by 4.6% (2% above inflation). The Environment Agency is imposing a similar increase from January.

Simon Salem, marketing director of the Canal & River Trust, said: “Whilst boaters alone can’t be expected to pay the full cost of looking after the waterways their boats are integral to the appeal of the canals and rivers and therefore to the ability of the Trust to win support from other sources.

“In making a three year decision to peg licence fees to inflation, we have listened to boaters’ clearly expressed desire for certainty over future fees. We have also done what we can to limit increases recognising that the number of boats on the waterways has remained static and that boaters face significant financial pressures as part of the wider effects of recession.”

Meanwhile a recent meeting of Thames users on the Waterways Working Group questioned why the extra 2% was being added above the rate of inflation for boaters on the Thames.

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Story dated November 20th 2012

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